Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover

Professional Information Security


Our goal is to improve your security posture.

Security Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities and assess the business risk with an expert penetration test. Measure base level with an automated vulnerability scan.

Security Consulting

Include exception security knowledge during design phase. Consult external information security expertise to improve your products and services.

Security Trainings

Improve security awareness within your company with an engaging hacking session. Advance your security posture with periodical awareness trainings.


Passion for information security.

Industry Leading Experience

Decades of experience in security and a proven track record of applying that expertise to hard problems provide the basis for high quality services.

Focused on the Future

By providing the right tools, processes and expertise we want to help our clients improve their information security posture.

CTF Enthusiasts

Capture the Flag competitions provide a wide set of technical challenges at the edge of the current development. We have been playing them for a decade.


An important aspect of information security is bringing together the knowledge of different disciplines. Only at these intersection of different topcis new ideas can spawn.